AOTW: Jeff Nishinaka

Los Angeles native Jeff Nishinaka is the world’s premier paper sculptor with a prolific career that spans 28 years. Nishinaka’s commercial portfolio includes Bloomingdale’s, Galeries Lafayette, Sprint, The Peninsula Hotel, visa, Penn State University, Paramount Pictures and Coca Cola, among others. Advertisements

AOTW: Pablo Lobato

Argentinian illustrator Pablo Lobato really knows how to work graphic lines in his amazing illustrations. It’s impressing that you can easily recognize the famous characters, even though they are almost only lines and boxes.

AOTW: Anthony James

Anthony James studied fine art at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, graduating with honors in 1998. His art can be seen in public and private collections such as the General Motors Building and the Seagram Building in New York. He is known for his pluralistic studio practice; combining sculpture, paint, … Continue reading

AOTW: Eric Fischl

Eric Fischl is an American painter and sculptor. Fischl describes himself as a painter of the suburbs. His imagery however would not be considered appropriate to viewers prior to his generation.

AOTW: Julien Vallée

Julien Vallée is a graphic designer and artistic director living and working in Montreal, Quebec. He has created works for many international clients including MTV, Swatch and the New York Times Magazine. In his projects, he always tends to keep experimentation and playfulness in the foreground, and mixes computer images with tangible, simple materials like … Continue reading

AOTW: Karen LaMonte

Czech glass artist Karen LaMonte uses clothing as a metaphor for identity and exploring the human in absentia. From blown glass puppets and marionettes, she expanded her inquiry by adding the impression of an absent body to her sculptures. This investigation of the clothing as a divider between public from private space and of transparency … Continue reading

AOTW: Al Williamson

The illustrator who made his bones illustrating classic titles like Creepy and Eerie before continuing Alex Raymond’s genre-defining work on Flash Gordon has died at 79, leaving a vibrant legacy. Williamson made other people better, both on the page, and by fostering new talents like Bernie Wrightson and Mike Kaluta. via: io9

AOTW: Muti Randolph

Muti Randolph is a multimedia artist, set designer, and lighting engineer who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He blends music, interactive video, architecture, and technology to create immersive environmental art. View Muti’s work

AOTW: Richard Mosse

Irish-born photographer Richard Mosse has documented some of the most astounding sites in the world, and this time he took on Eastern Congo and came back with Quick, a series of photographs shot with Kodak Aerochrome infared film to create an alternative image of the complexsocial and political dynamics of the country. The film, designed … Continue reading

AOTW: Steve Locatelli

Steve Locatelli grew up in Brussels where his love for street art began. At age 13 he created home made stickers that he would stick on all possible places around the city.  The stickers were soon replaced by markers and spray cans to focus on detailed photo work. He currently lives and paints in Antwerp, … Continue reading